Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Sassy Girl (Korian 2001)

The movie is supposed to be modeled after a real story about a “sassy girl” that appeared in serialized form on the Internet

“My Sassy Girl” begins innocently enough with Kyun-woo, a 20-something college student waiting for the subway after some drinks with the boys. That’s when he encounters a 20-something girl (or young woman, actually) who is obviously very drunk. Kyun-woo, seeing that the girl is unbalanced and standing too close to the edge of the tracks, quickly pulls her away, probably saving her life. Later in the subway car, the girl causes a scene, but not before turning to Kyun-woo and calling him “Honey,” thereby implicating him in her problems (or at least in the other passengers’ eyes). After injecting himself into the Girl’s life, Kyun-woo starts to fall for her, but that’s easier done than, well, surviving it.

Regardless, Ji-hyun Jun is the only real reason to watch this movie. “My Sassy Girl” is a comedy, and there are some very funny moments in it, but it’s Ji-hyun who gives the film heart and soul. As the tough girl with a heart of gold, she is nearly flawless

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